Top 10 Trekking Destinations Across the World

Nowadays more and more people are adopting hiking and trekking as a major outdoor event. The spectrum of hiking and trekking opportunities throughout the world is unlimited. There are different places throughout the world renowned to be favorites among most trekkers well known for their natural beauty, wildness and remote locations. Here are the top ten trekking destinations around the world that every trekking lover aspires to be at:

  1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal – Situated at a height of 5,545 meter (18,193 ft) commonly known as Kala Pattar, the Everest Base Camp trek is very popular among most trekkers. It is a 3 week trek that passes through some spectacular scenery and rough terrain. The region is trafficked by the Sherpa people from the from the Solu Khumbu region. The dizzying heights attained during this trek takes time for people to acclimatize themselves to the altitude. But everything seems to fade away with the drop dead gorgeous scenery of some of the highest mountain peaks of the world.
  2. The Andes, Colombia – Even though Colombia was avoided by most travelers because of the civil conflict but the place is once again getting popular among hikers and trekkers. The famous mountain zones of Los Nevados and Pargue Nacional El Cocuy are a favorite among trekking and hiking addicts. The Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy mountain range consists of twenty peaks, crystal lakes, glaciers and waterfalls. The Los Nevados is more famous among trekkers which include the Nevado del Ruiz, a famous volcano of Andean volcanic belt. The five day trek to Ciudad Perdida through the rainforest of Colombia takes travelers to the lost city founded in 800 A.D.
  3. Indian Himalayas, India – There are only a few people who trek through Indian Territory of the greatest mountain range in the world. Trekkers looking for isolation can opt for an exciting trek in Himachal Pradesh. Die Hard trekkers are bound to feel the thrill once they are set to trek for a period of twenty four days from Spiti to Ladakh. The extremely challenging and remote walk follows through some ancient trading routes. The high altitude and exceptional beauty of the surroundings are sure to mesmerize any traveler traversing through these terrains.
  4. The Pamir, Tajikistan – Trekkers looking for something out of the track like some wild and remote destinations would definitely fall in love with the adventure trek through Tajikistan. This magnificent beautiful country is landlocked by the famous Pamir range also known as the ‘Roof of the World’. It is a fact that around fifty percent of the country’s area lies 3,000 meters above sea level. Tajikistan is well known for its Pamir Highway and the Communism Peak also known as Koh-i-Samani with an altitude of 7495 meters discovered recently in 1928.
  5. Patagonia, Argentina and Chile – The Patagonian region shared by the countries of Argentina and Chile is a favorite among mountain lovers and trekkers. The Patagonian region is famous for its wild beauty, unconquerable peaks, pristine lakes and large spaces. The most famous treks of Patagonia include the Torres del Paine National Park, Fitz Roy Range Trails, Glacier Perito Moreno and Tierra del Fuego. The place is ideal for trekkers who love to follow on more famous tourist trails or for those who love isolation. So being in South America, Patagonia is definitely not a place to be missed.
  6. Iceland – The stunning landscape and exceptional natural beauty of Iceland attracts hikers and trekkers from different parts of the world. Be it hot spring hikes, mountain climbing, ice climbing or glacier trails everything can be found in this fascinating place. The hike to the Hvannadalshnukur peak (6,900 ft) is not something to miss while in Iceland. The trail offers spectacular views of the Vatnajokull glacier which is among the largest glaciers found on Earth. Apart from that trekkers are bound to discover a lot more as Iceland is full of volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, geysers, thermal pools and hot springs.
  7. The Tatras, Slovakia – This small country located in the Central Europe region is undoubtedly a favorite hotspot for trekkers and travelers. Slovakia is a land of pristine mountains with crystal lakes, wild forests and snow-capped peaks. Slovakia’s northern part consists of the Carpathian Mountains and included in these mountain ranges is the famous Tatra Mountains. The Carpathian Mountains consist of nearly six hundred kilometers of hiking trails which takes trekkers through high summit ridges and beautiful alpine valleys.
  8. Kazakhstan – Although only a few travel to Kazakhstan but the country with its vast range of highlands is the best place for people who want to explore the remote areas of Central Asia. This is the 9th largest country in the world and home to 2 famous ranges – the Altai Mountains and the Tian Shan. The wilderness, remoteness and beauty of Kazakhstan are beyond every traveler’s imagination. Even though ten percent of Kazakhstan’s territory is covered by mountains, the breathtaking and untouched landscape surely is one of the best places for hiking or trekking.
  9. Alaska, the United States of America – Without any doubt Alaska is among the most beautiful and preferred destination for traveler’s throughout the globe. Alaska has a lot to offer to hikers and trekkers with its Denali, Glacier Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park. Mt McKinley located in Denali National Park is the highest peak of North America. Trekking opportunities are available in plenty where nature lovers are bound to enjoy Alaska’s varied wildlife. Although a trek to Alaska might prove expensive but for outdoor enthusiasts it is surely a destination not to miss.
  10. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa – The highest peak of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro (19,336 ft) is quite popular destination for hikers and trekkers. The trek involves journey through 5 different climate zones which can last for 6 to 8 days. This trekking trail has become famous over the past few years and might prove to be expensive. Porters and guides are available for the journey helping to navigate the tough terrain consisting of ice fields and volcanoes.