Mexico City – A lot of Fiesta in Your Holiday!

An old city, founded almost 700 years ago, with more than 11 million citizens, with a great historical background, beautiful views, Mexico city is an effervescent city, with lots of things to visit. It is filled with Mexican smiles, music, food, and attitude towards life. Let’s see some of the elements that can make your visit here a real fiesta!

Let’s start first with what you need not to miss in Mexico and then continue with recommendations for having the best fiestas of your life!

Begin by taking a walk on the  Paseo de la reforma – the avenue that takes you through the main district of the city, with a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants and other luxury venues. Continue with a stroll in Chapultepec Park, the largest city park in Latin America, of about 1,695 acres.  It hosts the City Zoo and La Feria entertaining parks and also the museum of National Anthropology. Of course, you should not miss a visit to a sacred place, the one”place where gods were born”, which is Teotihuacán. You can take some memorable photos at the pyramids, see the altars, visit ancient worlds on Calzada de los Muertos, meaning the Avenue of the Dead, search for signs at the Pyramid of the Moon located at its end, and admire the Citadel (Ciudadela). Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María is one of the symbols of Mexico City, with a beautiful image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and all tourists that have come here have had a great experience, therefore you should go in and see what it is all about. Finish your walking tour with a visit to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, it will be worth it!

However, don’t be taken aback by the name of the valley the city is located in, that is, the valley of the Damned, because you will feel very good during your whole trip here, and you will get to detach yourself from your daily routine, especially If you are a traveler from Europe, as traditions are very different here.

Of course, that when it comes to partying, Mexico City knows what it’s offering to its visitors! Marvelous nightlife, a desire and passion for living life at the fullest! For going out, most tourists would choose El Colmillo, an international club with good techno music. For some salsa lessons or free demonstrations from Mexicans, you can go to Mama Rumba, which will definitely leave you with the memory of a Mexican night! For tequila lovers, this is the place to be : La Casa de las Sirenas. For those who do not mind to spend a lot more on their food and drinks while enjoying a view of the city  from the top, Area is the coolest place to be.  You must check a mariachi band while you are in Mexico City, so Plaza Garibaldi might be the perfect place for watching bands perform live Mexican music. You can sit in the open air, enjoying your friends’ company and hearing the traditional Mexican music.  Check out this comprehensive guide to all the things you can do and visit in Mexico City, including news regarding events happening in Mexico, booking a holiday.

Mexico City will enchant you, and you will want to come back to those mariachis just to hear them sing clearly during the day or night, then grab some tamales or tortilla and then head out for your fiesta!