Letter to My New Born Son

As many of you know from my About Me section, my wife and I were expecting a baby boy. We hadn’t planned for the pregnancy and were totally taken by surprise. And what a lovely surprise! Well, good news, people, we have a healthy baby boy! Janus Michel Freight was born on November 29 at 5 AM at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center and he weighed 6.2 pounds and 20 inches (yes, he’s going to be one tall fellow). We named him after the Roman God, Janus, the God of beginning and transitions. My girlfriend, Molly had a normal pregnancy and an easy delivery – I just want to thank her for bringing this little perfect creature into the world, our brand new baby boy is perfect!

baby boy

The first three  nights after we brought him home, I don’t think I slept a wink, I was either woken up by his crying, or I sat up in my bed thinking about all the things I want to teach him and also all the things I want to protect him from. I read that this is normal behavior and that I should let things scare me, so I will try to focus on the good things, rather than the bad. One night as I was putting my new baby boy to sleep, I thought of all the places I want him to experience, to see, to live in with me and with his loved ones. I thought of telling him about the importance of traveling, of self-discovery, of art and kindness of everything that is important. So here goes:

Dear Janus,

Welcome! Your mother and I are beyond happy you chose us as your parents and we promise we will do everything in our power to protect you. We will love you no matter what and we will always be here for you, whether you want us to help you get something down from a tall shelf or you want us to give you advice on the type of ring you should buy for your future fiancé. Know that you can always count on us and that we hope we will never let you down.

Janus, I feel it now, even as you are only one week old, that you will love traveling just as much as we do. Love it! Love it more than us! Because only by traveling will you get to find out who you really are and what your purpose is on this earth. Keep on learning about the world, its people and yourself until that dreaded day, 125 years from now, when you will be old and surrounded by friends and family and you will close your eyes forever. Never stand still, keep on moving, keep on smiling, keep on discovering, keep on helping people. I feel like you’re going to do something special with your life, probably every parent has this feeling when their child is born. Know that if you don’t, that is OK, too. Focus on doing what you love and you will find happiness, I promise. Don’t stray too much from what you love!

Discover art. Love it, make it. Art is what makes us human, it makes life more beautiful and it helps us understand it. Find something that is going make your heart beat just a little faster and focus on that. Create something that will make this world a little bit better, with your hands, with your mind – just create something.

Be kind, my son. Be kind to us, to your friends, to people, to animals and to our Earth. Know that if you are good, good things will happen to you, but also know that things don’t always tend to follow that pattern, and that bad things happen to good people, and that is alright too.

I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life watching you grow and seeing your face every day!



boy at dusk

Right now we’re thinking about where to take him first. I know that traveling with an infant is not the most pleasurable thing, but we want to expose him to that as early as possible, so we’re thinking that on his one year anniversary we will take a family vacation in Mexico. Until then, the beach is all he’s going to experience.

I’ll post more picture of my little new baby boy in the weeks to come, until then, I think he and Molly deserve a bit of rest, they’ve been through a lot. If there is anything you’d like to tell me or if you’d like to give me some advice, I’d be more than happy to hear from you. Every new parent needs as much help as they can get!