How To Get The Best Hotel Deals

When  you are traveling, the bulk of your budge goes toward lodging expenses. In some countries, there aren’t a lot of lodging options and what options there are can be quite expensive. However, by knowing how to shop and where to look for the best deals, you can save quite a bit of money the next time you’re booking an extended stay. Here are a few tips that can help you find the best hotel deals that are on the market today.

Search Coupon and Deals Websites

There are a number of coupon and deal websites that deal specifically in posting promotional offers on a variety of products and services – including hotel benefits. is an example of these sites. Visitors to the site enter their destination and DealBase search engines bring up all the lodging deals that are currently available in that town. Some of the rates DealBase is able to find can save travelers hundreds of dollars off normal retail value. DealBase offers locations in the US, Mexico and Caribbean.

Plan Your Visit During The Off Season

Popular tourist hotspots usually have a peak season and an off season. The peak season is when most people visit the location and the off season is when there is a lull in tourist traffic. During the peak season, hotel accommodations are exponentially higher and can cost three or four times as much as they do during the off season.

Visit Hotel Websites Directly

Some hotels do not have a partnership with online coupon or savings websites so their promotional rates may only be available directly through their own website. Many hotels offer discounts all the time to military personnel or the aged population. So these perks, combined with other promotional offers can result in some pretty deep discounts.

Call The Hotel Directly

If you don’t find any promotional rates on their website, that doesn’t mean they don’t offer any. Some hotels just choose not to advertise their promotions and require that travelers book directly through the hotel in order to receive the discounted rate .

Be Flexible

Some hotels offer promotional rates during certain periods of the year or for events that coincide with special dates like local and cultural holidays. If you leave your itinerary open and make yourself available to travel during the time they are offering the promotional, you stand to get a better deal on accommodations than you might have otherwise.

Check Out Package Deals

Some of the best promotional rates on hotel accommodations come as part of a travel package. This can include car rental and flight or some other combination of travel related perks. This option is can be especially helpful if you are keeping your options open and looking for the best deal on those types of extras as well.