Four Popular Destinations in Portugal

Any self-respecting traveler must go to Portugal at least once in their life! It’s a statement we stand by here at Travellone – Portugal is a dream, a warm country with warm people, with a rich culture and rich beaches. We’ve seen beaches and we’ve seen great people, but Portugal holds a special place in our heart. Because we love it so much, we thought of four popular destinations in Portugal that you will certainly enjoy, so no matter what you want to do once you get there, sightsee or search for inner peace in one of the country’s many churches and cathedrals, you have an idea of where to stay, eat and see.


Lisbon at night

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital, the most popular destination in Portugal and a city that needs your undivided attention. You simply don’t go to Lisbon for a weekend, you stay there for at least a week and immerse yourself in its wonders. Grab yourself a Lisboa card (a card that offers free and discounted admissions to a plethora of institutions, including the Metro) and go wild in one of the most beautiful European capitals. You will need to dedicate at least a couple of days for Lisbon’s museums – make sure you put the following on your list: Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Ancient Art Museum, Design Museum, Coaches Museum, Maritime Museum and Belem Cultural Center where you will find amazing modern art by Warhol and Picasso. Make your visit so much more delicious by dining in some of Lisbon’s most famous restaurants: the Belcanto or the Enoteca de Belem (where you can drink some of the best wines in the world).


Vilamoura is the perfect family destination – it’s got great beaches, water parks, lovely pine forests, nightclubs, but also golf courses. The Four Seasons Vilamoura is great and affordable and The Old Village Apartments are located inside the quaint and old village of Vilamoura. Blue and Green the Lake Spa Resort is a beautiful beach front hotel with amazing reviews!


The city of Porto gave the country its name and it is Portugal’s second largest city after Lisbon. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which can only mean that there will be a lot of interesting things to see and document. An important attraction is the church of Saint Francisco, built in the 14th century and the famous Porto wine cellars located along the Douro River. Don’t think you can visit Porto and not bring at least a bottle of Porto wine back home with you! Bessa Hotel is a lovely choice for lodging and the Castelo de Santa Catarina is an opulent, yet affordable choice.


Lagos’ remains of its 14th fortress and churches, the beaches, lagoons and its cliffs make it one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. It’s also got an incredible nightlife, so if you want to relax during the day and party during the night, Lagos is the perfect destination for you! Stay at the Casa de Moura  (for a truly Portuguese and African feel) or at Quinto de Mar da Luz (close to the ocean and very quiet).


boat in harbor

Located in the south of the Algarve region, Albufeira is a city by the ocean, with over twenty beaches to suit every type of tourist, especially those who appreciate a bit of historical flair in a beach location. There are breathtaking cliffs and fragments of old fortresses – it’s really a place to sit down and enjoy the view! If luxury is what you’re after, then the Sheraton Algarve Hotel (Praia Da Felesia, Apartado P.O. Box 644, Albufeira 8200-909)or the Hotel Apartamento Brisa Sol (Rua do Municipio, Lote 27 | Apartado 2054, Albufeira 8200-161) offers wonderful rooms at prices that start from 150 Euros. If you need a little more peace and quiet and want the comfort and quaintness of a Bed and Breakfast, then you should try  Hotel Vila Sao Vicente, it’s got great reviews! Looking for something to eat after all that walking on the beach? Then Vila Joya nad Dom Carlos Restaurant are two of the most appreciated restaurants in Albufeira.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and that you come back to us and let us know how it went. If you have any popular destinations in Portugal that you would like to share with us, do so in the comment section below. Remember: if you need to choose between Portugal and Spain, the Portugese have a saying: De Espanha, nem bom vento nem bom casamento (which means From Spain, neither good wind, nor marriage)!