5 Boarding Sports that Summon the Adrenaline Gods

While some people can barely keep their balances learning how to ski and watch the ski jumping champions as something coming from a world with no laws of physics, others can’t wait to test their limits and the boundaries of this universe and do some magic.

Extreme sports have quite a history and new ones develop every day, as humans’ thirst for adventure and thrill seems to be unquenchable. There are some guys and girls out there whose feet get burning (to paraphrase a famous song) with the first snow flake, the first drop of ocean water and even with the sight of the smallest grain of dirt and sand. Let’s see if we can keep up with these Lords of the Boards and take a glimpse into their dangerous and limitless world.


  1. Snowboarding

In comparison with other boarding sports, this one looks the most harmless. Thousand if not millions practice it every winter and you can find some adrenaline junkies well suited in their snowboarding gear ready to conquer the steepest slopes, jump, flick – flack, bend, twist and curl in mid air, in a frightening and fascinating winter show. The enthusiasts wait for their arrival in any ski resort in the world, while the pros confront even the most extreme weather conditions to test their skills.

  1. Surfing

Whoever saw a surfing related movie knows this sport is not only an extreme adventure for the crazy ones, but a lifestyle, a goal, a creed. But your usual beach surfer himself has still a lot to learn from the grand masters who ride the big waves. From Australia to Bali, from California to South Africa, from Mexico to England, the big waves are the holy grail of ambitious surfers. Along the years, these waves also claimed some lives, but the passion is still burning in these gods of sea and sand.

  1. Kite boarding

You probably know it as kite surfing, a popular sport in almost every part of the world and has its own private collection of records and people who made it famous, although they say it dates back to the nineteenth century. Those who practice it for the taste of adrenaline on the tip of their tongues describe it as a combination of surfing, paragliding, windsurfing, even gymnastics and acrobatics, a sport that takes both concentration, courage, some preparation and a lot of traveling to the best sites in the world.

  1. Wakeboarding

This may be a sports you didn’t hear much about, but you will surely hear about in the future. It may not become an Olympic sports, as snowboarding, but it has its chances. Adrenaline junkies love it because it involves a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, thus making it one of the most interesting hybrid sports out there. The beginners start the practice in lakes, but the specialists say that the more skilled one gets, the more thrilling everything gets, as they can do a lot of physics defying acrobatics in the air.

  1. Volcano boarding

Some people in Nicaragua thought it would be fun to transfer the concept of snowboarding to volcanoes. Of course, there is also the possibility to surf some dunes in the desert, and don’t for a second think you don’t need protection. But volcano boarding? It usually implies the same snowboarding gear and a similar board, only that the actual fun takes place in Nicaragua, Hawaii, Costa Rica or Guatemala. For dune surfing there will always be South Africa, Peru, Australia, New Zealand and even the U.S. hot sandy spots.

Boarding sports are not for the faint of heart. Sometimes the Gods of adrenaline ask for human sacrifices but if you ask the Lords of the Boards they will tell you that nothing good is obtain without a bit of suffering. So if you like skiing, the season opened thousands of luxurious resorts all over the world. However, if you like to hear your blood pumping through your veins, go see these daredevils and who knows, maybe you will get inspired…