A Budget Travel to the Caribbean

If you are planning a tour to the Caribbean, your choices should be diverse just as the islands. But that does not necessarily indicate that you have to plan a high budget stay at the famous resorts that are expensive or even the isolated boutique getaways that are sure to cost you about $100 for a night. Despite a low budget plan, you can take delight in viewing the beautiful beaches with warm, blue waters. You can quite simply enjoy the exotic beauty of the place even when you do not go for the much hyped places that are high on budget for the tiny rooms and the food fare. You will be amazed to know that beautiful hotels that are simple and low on budget can be found in huge numbers scattered over the alluring waters.

There are many such places where you can go with low budget plans but you can be rest assured that you would not miss out on the sunny delight of the expensive beaches. The peak period of tourist attraction starts from December and lasts till March, during which the usual rates are inversely proportional to the temperatures that you face in the northern side. Listed below are some places where you can stay at low budget.

  1. Barbados:This Island has become famous for the old and renowned clubs and resorts. The place keeps alive the tradition of serving the 3pm tea to people. In the other places you would find bargains. The much famous Dover Beach, that finds mention in Matthew Arnold’s poem, has the much desired sand on the beaches with a series of low budget hotels where you can find bars while you can also have access to windsurfing. If it is a Friday, you can participate in the greatest events in Oistins, where fresh seafood is grilled at admirably cheap prices that cause the locals to throng at the place. You can even board the buses that will make your tour the complete island.
  2. Cuba: If you are looking for the destination in the Mediterranean with the lowest budget, Cuba is the place to visit. You can experience endless possibilities in Cuba for adventure. The more you feel the place to be your own and yourself a local, you will spend less. Havana is shockingly cheap when compared to the heritage and tradition that the place showcases because of the streets that are lined by the colonial buildings that are in crumbling state. There are Casa particulars that allow staying at unimaginably low prices in private homes.
  3. Bonaire: Deep sea diving is an aesthetic experience and Bonaire is paradise with its reefs. If you are not a diver, you can enjoy it as well as the beach offers exquisite views of the pink flamingos, where the beach, too, is hued pink. The Kralendijk is most commonly known for the series of low budget bars and cafes that you find there. Even if you are a non-diver, you can get hold of the fins and the mask and take plunge to enjoy a lifetime experience.
  4. Saba: Saba offers its tourists the complete Caribbean escape at incredible budget. It is a tiny island which is 15 minutes hop from the airport at St. Martin to the smallest runway in the world. The guesthouses are small and cosy and are situated on the windward side, while the eateries you find there have a homely feel for the kind of cuisine they offer and also for the low expenses. Though Saba cannot offer you a beach, the long walkway through the rainforests are sure treat to the senses as they evoke Eden-like images.
  5. Bequia: Grenadines, the most famous and the most beautiful amid the string of islands, offers the most exotic view with its sand the palm trees. Bequia has not more than 5000 residents and the guesthouses that are scattered across the town of Port Elizabeth are cosy and small. The beaches are ever alluring and exquisite for their scenic view. A ride on the yacht is just worthwhile!
  6. Dominican Republic: It is the Dominican Islands where you can find both the desired ambience and the affordability. The coral lined coasts are the best attractions, where you do not miss out on the Vegas-style casinos with the vibrant nightlife. The resorts are exquisite where you can spend a rejuvenating holiday. The hotels too are cosy while they come at admirably cheap costs. The architecture of the hotels is such that tradition is wedded to the contemporary in a tremendous fashion.
  7. Aruba: The Island is owned by the Dutch and is an exquisite place for a holiday. The beaches, that are in no way deficient in offering the sunny frolic, together with the casinos offer a blend of the pagan and the modern atmosphere. The private villas, the spa sports offer nourishment to the soul.
  8. The Bahamas: This is the place where you find archipelago that is created by a group of 700 islands. The Bahamas is just about 50 miles from Florida. The beaches offer sunny delight. The Nassau and Cable beach are the most famous where you can both enjoy the sun and sand of the beach and find the casinos for entertainment. As it is that the island offers the utmost delight at low costs, more tourists tend to choose the place over the others as their tourist destination.
  9. Trinidad and Tobago: Located close to the Venezuelan coast are these twin islands that offer an ever relishing experience with its delicious cuisine coupled with the joyous festivals. The Tobago Island is famous for its long trails of sand and the waters to dive. These Caribbean isles offer cafes and guest houses at the best rates, while they do not compromise in providing the utmost comfort.
  10. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is not located far away from the mainland. The place offers a blend of the tradition and culture while flaunting the large stretches of sand coupled with the rainforest. The colonial capital, San Juan, still flaunts the rich tradition.